"Neat Stuff"

Weddings, Group get togethers, reunions etc...

Looking to have a special occasion?

Weddings & licensed in Oregon to do them, showers, parties, reunions, surprise engagements, holiday celebrations, birthday, retirement parties, Bike rides for groups, bunko parties, retreats. Did you know you can also rent the entire Motel? We have 2 weekends already booked for just that.

Goonies Family Night

We are huge Goonies fans. Goonies the movie was made and shown 33 years ago. Come over and dress in your favorite characters attire. We will be showing the movie outside at dark on a big screen. There will be fun, Rocky Road ice cream, Baby Ruths and other snacks available. We will have a truffle shuffle contest as well.

5.00 per family guests staying here no charge. Bring something to sit on and we will provide the fire!!!

Goonies....never say die!!

Our amazing friends from England


Meet Neal & Sam.....56 & 20.....father and son.
Came here from England and decided to ride from shore to shore.
They stayed with us last night and said it was amazing and just felt different then any place they have stayed.
They have started in Yorktown Virginia and rode their bikes 80 miles each day. Today is day 51 and they are in route to the Oregon coast so they can say they put their feet in the ocean in both places.
Courteous, kind and amazing to meet.

Safe travels guys!!

Special deals

We are going to offer an additional 10% off of room totals for anyone staying in the same room for 5 or more days in a row. WOOHOO!!

Appreciation to those who make the Motel Great!

The following customers, family, and friends have gone above and beyond to support our Motel by donating time and items we use in our rooms. We thank you for being so amazing!

Mr.& Mrs. Will, Jerry and Marla Fisher, Sharon B., Robert and Rozanne Shanks, Nick Storie and our Grandchildren who made us wall art (Karma, Connor & Molly).


Customers have questions..... hopefully we have answers or will find them


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